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Though headwear has been a part of people’s lives since before history deemed it noteworthy enough to mention, women’s hats officially made their way into the world of attire centuries ago during the Middle Ages. Back then, they were less a fashion accessory than a simple act of decency. Despite certain biblical references, the church of the time decided a woman’s glorious natural covering was something best kept confined to the privacy of her home.

Fast forward a couple hundred years, and the Age of Enlightenment took hold. Society changed its way of thinking, and hats for women took on new roles. They protected delicate skin during outings, highlighted a lady’s social standing, and became the crowning glory of in-vogue attire. Fabrics were chosen with great care, based on their intended purposes, while every stitch and detail were reflections of the milliner’s passion for his or her profession. Hat making became a labor of love rather than religious compliance.

What We Do

At Hats With Heart, we foster those later, more lighthearted traditions while incorporating the fashion and flair of the Roaring ’20’s and beyond. We offer a variety of hats for cancer patients as well as those with alopecia, trichotillomania, lupus, burns, and other conditions causing hair loss. All our products are designed with love, attention to detail, and to fulfill a purpose. At the same time, we strive to make sure each piece conforms to varying lifestyles and gives women the opportunity to express their inner selves in an array of unique ways.

Turbans and Soft Hats

Perhaps the most versatile member of the women’s head wear world, turbans create an unconventional level of elegance. Our soft hats blend beautifully with virtually any style from denim and leather to silk and sequins. We offer an array of colors made of cotton, cotton blends, rayon, spandex, stretch velvet, and suede micro fleece.

Each brings its own distinct layer of artistry to the table. Patterns range from simple and muted to intricate and vibrant, so you could transform a single turban into dozens of unique styles. Add a few of each of these to the mix, and spice up your wardrobe with endless variety. Whether you’re looking for season-specific women’s turbans or classic year-round couture, we’ve got you covered. For the swimmers out there, we also offer women’s swim turbans.


Scarves are among those few fashion accessories whose popularity will never fade. Of course, tying them is often more troublesome and time-consuming than it’s worth. We’ve created a full line of head scarves for cancer patients in plenty of solid colors and patterns to top off any outfit, while keeping the usual tying woes in mind. Our Brook and Brooklyn varieties are both pre-tied for ease of use and both styles feature an adjustable elastic, adding to their versatility and comfort. Our Zoey model is gathered in the back, creating a fuller look and minimizing excess fabric. They run the gamut where length is concerned, from draping gracefully over your shoulder to curtailing near the base of your skull. Our women’s head scarves are perfect for an evening on the beach, a spontaneous road trip on the Harley, or anything in between.

Outdoor Hats

Our women’s hats for outdoor adventures serve to keep out the elements, but that doesn’t mean they lack panache. Cooler weather and casual spirits call for one of our warmer Natalie Cadet hats, whereas our Jessie Cadet hat is perfect for your casual summertime look. Create an ideal day at the beach look with our Martha’s Vineyard brimmed hat or a classic day in the yard with our Summertime Topper. Complement your exercise attire with our fun and feminine take on the baseball cap: the Sydney Jersey Hat. Take to the town or the track with our selection of outdoor hats for cancer patients.


Some ladies find their head coverings fall flat in terms of expectations. Our line of accessories are designed to give your headdress a bit of a boost or maximize comfort. In some cases, they serve both purposes. For an even more multifaceted look, check out our selection of accent pieces, including:

  • Wired Headbands – Featuring narrow width and tie-and-go attachment, these add a cute trim to your turban that’s easy to apply.
  • Braided Headbands – Bring a splash of color and texture into your monochromatic headwear with these elastic bands.
  • Simply Secure Headbands – The widest of our turban bands, our Simply Secure line ramps up your look with festive colors and easy adjustability.
  • Turban Ties – A spin-off of our traditional headbands, Turban Ties offer a bit more length than the norm.

These accessories go hand-in-hand with our women’s hats and other headwear. Regardless of the look and feel you hope to achieve, they’ll help perfect it. Many of them are interchangeable, so you can mix, match, and experiment to find the ones that work best for you.

Sleep Caps

Few people realize the role hair plays in keeping your head warm unless they’ve experienced the difference firsthand. Whether you’re sleeping, lingering in the hospital after surgery, or sitting through chemo treatments, you need a cozy hat to ward off the chill of the room. A nice, thick pair of socks doesn’t hurt, either. Since scalp sensitivity tends to come along with hair loss, material certainly matters. Our Comfort Sleep Caps come in soft cotton with lace embellishments whereas our polyester Flurry Fleece varieties provide a warm, fluffy embrace.

History in the Making

Women’s hats have a long and diverse history taking them from forced and strictly functional to fun and flirtatious. Today’s styles incorporate past elements from cultures around the world combined with modern design aspects, but they’ll soon be part of history too.

Our founder, Kay Gravette, set out on a mission to tailor popular trends to meet the needs of women who, like her, were facing conditions resulting in hair loss. We’re proud to be carrying on her legacy. Support comes in a number of different forms, and our hats for cancer patients are our way of helping women showcase their style, beauty, and originality.

Many women view their hair as part of their persona, but losing it doesn’t change who you are. At Hats With Heart, we offer women’s hats to suit every identity and occasion, and our accessories serve to further broaden those horizons. We update our selection regularly, so keep watch for our latest functional head wear fashions designed to help you show the world your inner self.